SVD Dragunov


Adopted by the Red Army in 1958 as SSV - Snayperskaya Samozariadnaya Vintovka (Semiautomatic sniper rifle) it was necessary to wait until 1963 para ver en acción el SVD - Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova from the genius Evgeniy Fedorovich Dragunov.

It is not a sniper rifle by western military rules  and it responds to the sharpsooter function, of which each rifle platoon of Red Army had one it had one who contributed the capacity to strike targets at ranges and superior precision that the AK47,complementing it perfectly.

In the world of airsoft it has lain down in lack during long time,  being of those models that will have (maybe) few followers, but faithful and ardent. Until the unit that occupies the only ones that they have made have been those of gas blowback of PDI and the G&P and kits of conversion of Guarder, of a high price in the three cases. 

When began to arise the first rumors of its manufacture and had access to the initial datas I thought that it would be a good platform to modify and to experiment with some semiautomatic electrical or gas option, but before to have it in the hands, to prove it, to feel, to disassemble and reassemble the conclusion is that so as it leaves the box it is perfectly usable and easy to increase the power.

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